20 Mei 2009

Advertise On Blogs

For the layman might Sponsored Review this is very strange. However, for you know who have blogs and the internet well, this is not a foreign term. What is actually sponsored review?

Sponsored Review is an ad in the pairs in the blog, but not like the ad as the ad is usually in the form of any posts or baner only. However, this form of advertising a review of a product that is advertised by the advertiser.

The owners of the product is usually installed through an ad agency, and agents have a duty to provide akan bloger product to review products that will advertise in the ..

Like the other ads. Of course, if we have a duty to provide for review of an ad, then we will also receive a salary from the results of our review. Also for the advertisers will be charged by the agency for the ads. Where this is the cost of which later is used to pay the author.

But besides the financial benefits. Advertisers and bloger can also get other benefits. So we can add a link and we can also increase traffic to our blog. Bloger for this can be very important and beneficial because tafik with the rise of a page can also increase the page ranking, which will also increase the attraction for advertisers, to serve ads on the blog page rank is high.


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20 Mei 2009 03.58

ayooo dukung saya... hihihihihi....


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