15 Mei 2009

transtool 2009

not intend to increase ignorance and learn to make people lazy, but I think I have one and share tools that are lightweight and I * think * this free ..

for which we have not yet speak fluent English, sometimes feel difficult if have to make post in the English language, I think this tool will be a little help ..

can use a word or a phrase, or one paragraph, but of course the results translatenya still quite rigid and less comfortable to read. yaah we can to further enhance their own...

for download please click here


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15 Mei 2009 22.41

ngomong opo wi met ekkekekekekkeke

15 Mei 2009 23.34

@mbak bong : mbuh mbak... wong kui lehku oleh wangsit melek mau bengi mbak.... hihihihihihi....

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