18 Mei 2009

Earn Money From Blogs and Posts

Bloging a new world that I met at this time, a new world which was not at all I touch. First blog I know, I do not get what SEO is, what it is to Dofollow, what is the difference dofollow and Nofollow, and also the kind where we make a Dofollow blog. In the beginning only to fraudulent confidante. But in its development, after running some way to blog friend, I know that we can also get get paid to post.

Once I said to several friends, this is indeed very likely happen. We can review a website, then we live our posting to the blog, and we can get our money from posting it.

Finally Seeing the information from some of what I suggest in the end to open and register on the site payingpost. After I open, it appears that it is easy to become members. Requirements we must have a blog and have a paypal account to receive our salaries.

Yeah, after I tried to register and waited for some time to get approval from the admin payingpost. Finally, I can choose and get a few tasks. Finally, I choose to take one of the tasks provided by this site.

This site itself require us to write in accordance with the rules provided by the site, but basically rules are not too difficult to meet us. Only by writing 250 - 300 words in our blog, we can get our money from the writing a post, a matter which is very easy is not it?

I think the registration process in payingpost is also not too difficult. What, for me that is very new in the bloging world, can register as a member and received payingpost. In fact, my page rank was not spelled out good, but I'm already registered and received a task from payingpost.

Therefore what I suggest for what you want to follow me. Can register and participate in blogs to payingpost also. Because payingpost very easy to give to members.


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19 Mei 2009 15.23

payinpost best dah....

19 Mei 2009 18.15

tapi belum di acc niih,.,,,,

20 Mei 2009 08.29

hehehe... semangat ya bro....

20 Mei 2009 09.35

Wah langsung beginian...

nyari top komeng kaya disebelah gak nemu-nemu, bagi dong.

20 Mei 2009 13.05

@zujoe : thankyu maas....
@keboaja : iya deeh mas... nanti aku buatin tutorialnya... hhihihihih.. *sok banget*

20 Mei 2009 18.49

mangstap... gan.. :))

20 Mei 2009 23.00

@neilhoja : thengkyuh....

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